Realtor Strategy: Buy a Home with No Money Down in Central Florida

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Do not let anything stand in the way of your dream of owning a home. While it may seem difficult, you can really buy a home with no money down in Central Florida. Use our realtor homeownership strategies to help you!

Real Estate experts created a unique report named How to Buy a Home With Little Or No Money Down, showing how this new and informative program will make it possible for you to get into the home of your choice. 

No Money Down In Central Florida For First Time Home Buyers 

There are many first time home buyers who long to move into a home. They know that renting is not the best financial move. They also do not know that there are programs that can help them. If there was one realtor homeownership strategy that should be more widely known it is programs that help newer or first time home buyers get into a home.  

There are misconceptions about the program which may discourage some potential first time buyers. One example is if your spouse previously owned a home. In this scenario you could still potentially qualify as a first-time buyer.

One caveat, if this scenario applies to you, make sure your name was not registered on the deed. 

Locate a realtor in Central Florida who has experience with “no-money-down” programs who is willing to work with you to see what is available.

An experienced real estate agent stands ready to help you explore your options and help you fulfill your goal of home ownership.

No Money Down in Central Florida With VA Home Loan Programs

Did you know VA loans are backed by Veteran Affairs? For this reason alone they are a great choice as a tool to buy your first home without a down payment. 

If you want to qualify for a VA loan you have to have a record of military service. Here are the criteria: 

  • Active service for 90 consecutive days during time of war
  • Active service for 181 consecutive days during a time of peace
  • Six years of service in the National Guard or Reserves or at least 90 days under Title 32 orders. 30 of those days MUST be consecutive.  

Other ways to qualify:

  1. Service-connected discharge due to a disability
  2. Death of a spouse in the line of duty while actively serving
  3. Disability caused from an injury in the service 

Credit Score: Your credit score is also a factor in getting a VA loan in addition to your service record. 

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