Guide to Hiring a Real Estate Team

Why Hiring a Real Estate Team is Best

There’s one often-overlooked decision when selling a home in Celebration, Florida. Most people don’t think about whether hiring a real estate team or a solo realtor is best.

Do you want the benefit of cumulative experience and a team of real estate professionals? Especially if they can easily handle the sale of your home? Or do you want to leave this important task up to one solo realtor? They could feel overwhelmed by the demands of trying to juggle your listing and others.

While the benefits of hiring a real estate team may seem obvious, some home sellers still decide to work with a solo realtor. Some homeowners think working with a solo realtor, they’ll get personalized attention. They want a hands-on approach to selling their home. Others may think that a solo realtor can deliver better results. They hops is that a single agent only has a handful of clients.

Whatever the reason home sellers decide to hire a solo realtor instead of hiring a real estate team, they are often sorely disappointed with a solo realtor’s performance and their results.

Hiring a Real Estate Team – Strength in Numbers

Consider your favorite store or business. Are the day-to-day operations left up to one person to handle alone? Or do they utilize a team of hand-picked professionals that work harmoniously in unison to deliver the best results and customer service? 

If the thought of your local supermarket being run by one person seems ludicrous, consider the sale of your home being left up to just one realtor. It seems crazy to have your most valuable asset sold by just one professional, doesn’t it?

Hiring a real estate team gives you the unique opportunity to work with individuals who have specialized tasks yet work together towards a common goal. This approach leads to results instead of the headaches you get when relying on just one realtor.

Just think of how much good a team can accomplish with a good cause like the relay for life – real results come from a team working in harmony.

The Dangers of Working With Just One Realtor

So is working with just one realtor really that bad?

Consider this: your most valuable asset is your home. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake, do you really want to rely on just one person to sell your Celebration, Florida home fast and for top dollar?

Seems crazy, right?

Let’s take your listing as an example. There you are all excited to see your home go up on the market and to read the listing that is going to get your home noticed by potential homebuyers. When reviewing the listing, you see a number of errors and inaccuracies. This doesn’t just look unprofessional – it could cost you the interest of potential homebuyers or make price reductions necessary to spur interest.

And while we are discussing real estate ads, you will want to find out from any realtor you choose to work with who writes the ads that will sell your home. Your ad is the first impression of your home – make sure it counts by having an effective ad written using state-of-the-art technology. 

It is human nature to crash and burn when you are overworked. Imagine a solo realtor who is trying to handle complex real estate transactions alone, on top of all the other demands of a real estate business. Regardless of their skill level, mistakes are made, details slip through the cracks and clients suffer. 

Hiring a Real Estate Team – Who Are Our Clients?

Our real estate team approach benefits a wide array of clients such as:

  • CEOs, Executives and Business Owners
  • Sales Professionals and Marketing-Oriented Entrepreneurs
  • Doctors, Hospital Administrators and Nurses
  • Exceptionally Busy Couples
  • People Who Are Not Real Estate Investors or Experts
  • People Who Do Not Have Time for Do-Overs

There is a reason successful results-driven people hire us – our system works. Read more about what they have to say here.

Take Advantage of Our Team Approach When Selling Your Celebration, Florida Home

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, we believe that teamwork leads to the best results. We sell more houses faster and for more money than the competition because of the strength of our teams.

We guarantee it. 

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